What Parents Are Saying:

“We appreciate your approach to dance – dance is a wonderfully positive part of our girls lives and they love every minute of their time at On Stage. Thank you for continuing to be an excellent role model and leader. We feel very lucky! Again, thanks for all your dedication to our children. I never knew that dance would become such a powerful force in our family. I don’t know what the girls would do without dance in their lives!!” – Lisa Grogan

“As a teacher and as a parent, I know that ON STAGE DANCE STUDIO makes a difference in the lives of young people.  My own daughter, who is not a competitive dancer and is not likely to be a prima ballerina, has gained incredible confidence in her physical spirit thanks to continued encouragement from her teachers at ON STAGE.  Love of musical movement, rhythm and flexibility are skills that she can take with her well into her adult life, even if she never dances beyond one class a week as a teen!  I have also been privileged to teach some of those students who are disciplined, avid ON STAGE dancers.  Their commitment to excellence, drive and motivation extend beyond the dance studio into their school lives. (It also is an incredible bonus to have these kids help to choreograph amazing dance routines for school plays!) Thanks, ON STAGE! “ – Jane Czarny

“As a Grandma, I have watched my grand-daughters grow with On-Stage since Twirling Tots. On Stage is a gift for our children that they may never truly know the value of. It is more than dance – which is excellent on it’s own. It is Ms Meghan and her Teacher’s commitment to your kids. They will learn discipline, respect, self confidence, support, family and lasting friendships in addition to dance as a passion. The Studio is a huge family, a place to grow and evolve into the grown ups these awesome young people will one day be. It is so much more than just dance – it is a gift that every child should get. “ – Deb Soeder, proud dance Grandma!

“You and all of your staff have been so great in helping my daughter through some very difficult events in her life. I have seen her grow and mature with the caring instruction of all of you. Thank you so much.” – Melissa Daigle

“I would like to say a huge, huge Thank you for everything you do and the opportunities you give your dancers.  With Brittany heading off to university this fall it highlights everything that she has learned from dance, and specifically the On Stage Dance Studio.  She has become a very well rounded person, learning how to schedule practices and school work, loving the opportunities to assist the younger classes, and the opportunities to learn new techniques and try new things. In short, Thanks so much for all of the time you put into the atmosphere that you create at the studio.  It is a great place to be, and be apart of.” – Tracy Wolfe

“It is hard to come up with words that expresses my joy with how On Stage dance has changed my daughter. She has changed in so many ways in just one year working hard on her goals and ensuring she makes the most of her time at the studio.  Some of the many things I see from her, is success from her hard work, dedication to the sport and giving the extra effort to balance all her activities in her life.  I LOVE to see her working so hard for something she wants and loves!” – Dorothy Brimner

“Ben absolutely loved Dance Camp! Mr. Joel literally helped a little boy come out of his shell and become more confident that week. Totally warmed my heart- and I am so thankful. You have amazing talent and kindness and it was a privilege to have Ben under your wing for a week!!” – Jessica Van Bakel

“I have great respect for you and the atmosphere that you strive to create at On Stage…it is my hope that Hayli will continue to be a shining ambassador of the studio and I look forward to watching her and her fellow dancers grow and expand their horizons in the future.” – Lori Tryssenaar

What Students Are Saying:

“At On Stage I discovered how much I love to dance, and they really kindled the passion I have for dancing. There are so many lessons I have learned in the studio. Dance is really hard. I have learned what it’s like work for something and realize it won’t just be handed to you. So, while growing up with dance has taught me how to point my feet, count to eight, put on false eyelashes, rhinestone costumes, and make everlasting friendships, I’d say the most valuable lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for hard work. Even if dance doesn’t work out as a career, I will have developed a strong work ethic and that’s irreplaceable. “ – Megan Fraser, former On Stage student, student of the School of Albert Ballet

“Dance followed me all through my teen years. It gave me an outlet to release my stresses, and it also taught me the importance of time management; fitting in morning band practices, school, theater practices, volunteering, homework and of course, dance classes, all before the sun set each day. As well, being a quiet person, performing gave me confidence, and I have been able to apply this too many different situations, both in work and school.” – Kaitlyn Purvis, On Stage Dance alumni

“As a very energetic child, my parents had quite a few choices for what activities to sign me up for. Luckily for me, they chose dance. From there, it couldn’t be stopped! From ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, to recitals, competitions, workshops, and being an assistant teacher; dance was a very important and exciting part of my life. To this day, I prefer to jete, gallop, and pas-de-chat everywhere rather than just walk. Dancing at On Stage allowed me to meet people that I still call my friends to this day, and make a lasting connection with not only dance but everyone involved with it. The things I’ve learned from my years dancing go beyond how to stretch and turnout my feet, and I’m so happy to continue to be a part of it.” – Kate Linder, On Stage Dance alumni

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