Jess Singh

Guest Choreographer                                 

Jess-200x208Miss Jess loved being a part of the On Stage dance staff so much, that even though she has a successful career in real estate she continues to act as a guest choreographer for our Intensive Dance Program musical theatre students!  A theatre graduate from the University of Waterloo, Miss Jess also acts and is a certified stage combatant, which aids her in her knowledge of Musical Theatre and stage blocking.  Miss Jess enjoys sharing her love of the stage, her experience of 15+ years of dance training, and a little bit of silliness with each of her classes, whether they be the tiniest twirling tot, or an enthusiastic hip-hopper.


Graduate of the  Theatre program at University of Waterloo

15+ years of dance training

“So I Know I Can Dance” with Donyelle Jones, Allison Holker and Heidi Groskreutz


TILT Sound + Motion, dancer

Guest instructor at Grand River Collegiate Institute (Waterloo) and Dance Adventure (Kitchener)